Chile Part 1: Low Water

After a sweet late-October run of the Dryway and a high water lap on the East Branch of the Pemi, I packed my kayak in a bag, batted my eyelashes at the American Airlines check-in counter lady, and checked a (full and very overweight) ski bag and kayak free of charge all the way to... Continue Reading →

First Couple Days in Chile

I'll be honest, when I was growing up in New York City, I didn't envision spending my 24th birthday living in a van in Chile...but here I am. Not much of an update, just some photos from the last week -- uploaded from the back of the van at the Rio Fuy takeout.    

Putnam Creek, NY

This past weekend was a Raquette off-week, so I figured there'd be nothing to do but Deerfield Fest. Then, lo and behold, it dumped rain on Friday. I refreshed the radar every ~5 or so minutes through the whole work day and it was looking really promising right up until 6pm or so. Then the... Continue Reading →

Raquette Livin’

Well, summer time is here in New England...which means 13 days of Hartlands in a row interspersed with the bi-weekly Raquette releases. I went up to the Raquette this weekend and it was everything I remembered from last year...What a fun river. Good times were had by all. Colton Falls has changed a little bit,... Continue Reading →

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