Chile Part 1: Low Water

After a sweet late-October run of the Dryway and a high water lap on the East Branch of the Pemi, I packed my kayak in a bag, batted my eyelashes at the American Airlines check-in counter lady, and checked a (full and very overweight) ski bag and kayak free of charge all the way to... Continue Reading →

Putnam Creek, NY

This past weekend was a Raquette off-week, so I figured there'd be nothing to do but Deerfield Fest. Then, lo and behold, it dumped rain on Friday. I refreshed the radar every ~5 or so minutes through the whole work day and it was looking really promising right up until 6pm or so. Then the... Continue Reading →

Raquette Livin’

Well, summer time is here in New England...which means 13 days of Hartlands in a row interspersed with the bi-weekly Raquette releases. I went up to the Raquette this weekend and it was everything I remembered from last year...What a fun river. Good times were had by all. Colton Falls has changed a little bit,... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Wydaho

After Fibark, I rallied back to Boulder and spent another couple nights in the Front Range. Scotty, Dodge, and I ran Blackrock into Lower Clear Creek, and the next day we met up with team Ledyard to run the marathon stretch of the Poudre, after which I drove the seven hours to Salt Lake. Ben... Continue Reading →

Spring Photo Dump

I didn't really blog at all this spring, but it's mostly because I was too busy kayaking. Now that I'm in Colorado on a kayaking road trip I've got a bit more time on my hands so I'm going through photos trying to put together a couple of posts about this spring. Spring melt waited... Continue Reading →

Big Branch Fest 2010

The colors are beautiful, aren't they? I'm glad I drove up from New Jersey to watch the leaves change. Oh, and what are those idiots doing in those silly plastic bathtubs? Well, I unfortunately missed Moosefest this year, but I've learned the hard way that in New England, it's always best to operate according to... Continue Reading →

Sandusky Brook Falls

Well, I'm a bit behind because of how long I took to write up the Romaine TR, but a couple weeks ago, New England got what may have been the biggest storm it's gotten all year. About 5" of rain in 30 hours. Many paddlers were skunked by the infamous North Branch of the Winooski... Continue Reading →

Romaine Day 6

Catch up on the rest of the trip here.Day 6:12 miles1.7 miles of bogging1 communal pot of poutine in Havre St. PierreWell, we got up on the last day thinking wow, blue sky, nice out, this is great. As soon as we took down our tarp it started pouring rain, so we all raced into... Continue Reading →

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