Vermont, the Waterfall State

I spent a few days this spring tracking down waterfalls in Vermont with the help of and some beta from Ryan McCall and ended up with some awesome drops, some of which we ran and some of which I need to go back for. I scouted Dewey Mills on the Ottaquechee at high water... Continue Reading →

Spring Photo Dump

I didn't really blog at all this spring, but it's mostly because I was too busy kayaking. Now that I'm in Colorado on a kayaking road trip I've got a bit more time on my hands so I'm going through photos trying to put together a couple of posts about this spring. Spring melt waited... Continue Reading →

Big Branch Fest 2010

The colors are beautiful, aren't they? I'm glad I drove up from New Jersey to watch the leaves change. Oh, and what are those idiots doing in those silly plastic bathtubs? Well, I unfortunately missed Moosefest this year, but I've learned the hard way that in New England, it's always best to operate according to... Continue Reading →

New Haven River, VT

39 days out and I'm creeking didn't even hurt that bad. The New Haven River is a mile of excellent low-stress creeking: slides, boulder gardens, funky slots, a waterfall, and the fact that it comes up easily combine to make this one of the best miles of river in New England. Below 1000 cfs,... Continue Reading →

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