Taureau and Batiscan

Quinn Connell and I left for Quebec at 9pm last Friday, met up with Jake and Matt Risch, and camped at the takeout for the Taureau section of the Jacques-Cartier river. After 3 hours sleep, we rallied, all crammed into my car, and drove the 100 kilometer shuttle (most of it on dirt roads) to the put in. Level was ~1″ below the rock, the low side of medium. It took us about 5 hours, with all of us first timers except Jake who’d done it once the weekend before. The river is everything it’s cracked up to be — 15 miles, probably 10 of solid IV/V whitewater, and way out there. If you got hurt it’d probably be days before you got help. We all walked the waterfall (from what I hear it’s a boat breaker) and only I ran the sieve drop. We all had relatively clean lines through Coming Home Muhammad (the last drop; has a big hole) and then crashed, pretty much just floating down the miles of flatwater runout. Got to the takeout, enjoyed some well deserved tall boys, and drove the 100km shuttle…again.

Next we headed over to the 5$ Chutes section of the Batiscan and camped. A late morning lead to us scouting the few drops on the stretch and deciding to drive a ways downstream to the Parc section. Quinn park and hucked one drop on the 5$ Chutes section and got a solid second or two of downtime by melting a seem while the rest of us stayed warm and dry:

The Parc section was neat. A couple class IV ledge drops and slides and a flatwater paddle out at the end. Meanwhile, I haven’t yet figured out how to shoot with a DSLR, so these photos are all grainy:

We also found this sign in the Batiscan Parc:
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