Blind Waterfalls and Broken Collarbones

Well, after a week boating every day on some cool stuff in CO, I broke my collarbone running a ~37 foot waterfall blind. Moral of story — if you drop into a tiny pool flowing straight off a big horizon line and there is an eddy right at the lip from which you can neither scout nor portage…just run the damn thing, because you’re going to run it blind either way and you’re probably better off with some momentum through the ledge right at the lip. Also, when you’re putting on a creek that’s super steep — try to find the normal putin before putting on above a gorged out section that “looks pretty flat.”

The waterfall that broke me. Picture coming in far right off the lip, no speed, not boofing, realizing the waterfall is way bigger than you thought, tucking for impact and then hitting that rock most of the way down, getting kicked upside down and landing flat upside down on the shelf on river right. Then rolling up in the pool, paddling over to shore, and thinking you might be ok enough to keep paddling for about a minute.

More to come on the rest of our time in Colorado, and on the actual run of Yule Creek…I hear it was sweet. Anyway, look for my next post in 2+ months when I can kayak again.

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