Raquette Livin’

Well, summer time is here in New England…which means 13 days of Hartlands in a row interspersed with the bi-weekly Raquette releases. I went up to the Raquette this weekend and it was everything I remembered from last year…What a fun river. Good times were had by all. Colton Falls has changed a little bit, but it’s not too bad, and Particle Accelerator changed just a wee bit — you’ll only notice if you normally run left and then drive right. That line still goes but it’s somewhat changed.

Me Boofing Colton.
Me overshooting the water boof on Colton and boofing after drying out. Photo Brian Seitz.

Brian put together a sweet sequence of me hitting the boof on the slide on Colton:

Colton Falls Sequence
Me on the Colton Falls, slide boof. It hurts a little, but it's always worth it. Photo Brian Seitz.

On lap two, I decided to head to the bottom first to shoot video, and I asked Tripp to follow me down close behind for safety sake. He followed a little too closely.

Tripp Coming From Behind
Tripp goes for a Max Hammer. Photo Seitz.

Particle Accelerator is as fun as always…one thing to note is if the water is dropping, it’s not quite the same. You can’t really start left and let the water push you right, as Kurt found out the hard way.

Toth on Particle Accelerator
Toth not going left on Particle Accelerator.

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