The Car Free Challenge

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The #carfreechallenge is a social media campaign and accompanying website I created at the beginning of 2018 to encourage and challenge outdoor athletes and enthusiasts to work to minimize their environmental impact. I personally am challenging myself to gain 150,000 vertical feet (by any sport) without driving — so, from home or by mass transit. Outdoor recreation is a rapidly growing sector and I think it’s important for us — as a group — to take real action to fight climate change. There’s a cognitive dissonance inherent in the idea of traveling to pursue these activities, and while I’m not suggesting anyone avoid travel completely, I do think people tend to overlook their local adventures and I am hoping this campaign will encourage people to get creative and explore near home rather than traveling all the time.

Technical Information

The website is written in vanilla Rails 5 and hosted on Heroku with Amazon CloudFront as a CDN. I’m not trying to build an activity tracker; in fact, I’m encouraging users to use Strava. The goal is just to create an easy-to-use platform to set goals and share them, and to provide simple progress tracking towards that goal.

Get Involved

Head to the website and set your own car-free goal for 2018! If you’re interested in sponsoring the #carfreechallenge, please get in touch — we’d be stoked to have corporate support in spreading this important mission.

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