Colorado River Allocation Visualization

Project Link: This project is an interactive visual interpretation of how existing and historical legal constraints on the Colorado River impact the actual allocation of water amongst the top-level stakeholders (basin states and Mexico). The user can experiment with changing annual flows -- a simplified analog for total water supply – to see the how they impact water... Continue Reading →

The Car Free Challenge

Project link: The #carfreechallenge is a social media campaign and accompanying website I created at the beginning of 2018 to encourage and challenge outdoor athletes and enthusiasts to work to minimize their environmental impact. I personally am challenging myself to gain 150,000 vertical feet (by any sport) without driving -- so, from home or... Continue Reading →

Odrive Sync Lightroom Plugin

Project Link: I struggled for a long time to figure out how to maintain my entire photo library (many hundreds of gigabytes and counting) while still having access to it on the road. Most photographers I know use external drives as archives and backups, but if you're on the road for an extended period and... Continue Reading →

Grand Canyon River Map

Project link: This is an interactive river map of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado with topography, information about river miles, camps, and rapids. It will eventually have a companion mobile app that allows users to download the map for online use and interact with the GPS functionality of their phones. It's based on... Continue Reading →

Camping By Kayak is a website I created in Fall 2017 as a guide to self-support kayaking rivers around the world. It's also the web home of a longer term project I'm working on, a print guidebook for kayaking the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. As of now, it's a straightforward WordPress website populated with content... Continue Reading →

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