Work With Me

Photography and Outdoor Media

I’m a published adventure sports and travel photographer available for editorial and commercial work. I’m currently based in Squamish, BC but travel extensively throughout the western half of the continent. I’m also available for private hire: want professional photography of your kayaking / biking / skiing / climbing / trail-running vacation? I can keep up with your group in tough conditions, stay out of the way, and document your adventures. Email me and I’d be happy to talk about your trip and how I can be involved.

Web Development and Consulting

I’ve worked across a broad range of technologies and am eager to help make your vision a reality. I have many years experience of Rails development and I’m happy to take on vanilla Rails or Rails API / javascript front-end work. Recently, I’ve been diving into data analysis and visualization and particularly enjoy working with maps and geospatial datasets. Contact me and we can talk about how I can help make your idea a reality.

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