Spring Photo Dump

I didn't really blog at all this spring, but it's mostly because I was too busy kayaking. Now that I'm in Colorado on a kayaking road trip I've got a bit more time on my hands so I'm going through photos trying to put together a couple of posts about this spring. Spring melt waited... Continue Reading →

Big Branch Fest 2010

The colors are beautiful, aren't they? I'm glad I drove up from New Jersey to watch the leaves change. Oh, and what are those idiots doing in those silly plastic bathtubs? Well, I unfortunately missed Moosefest this year, but I've learned the hard way that in New England, it's always best to operate according to... Continue Reading →

USFS Project on the Big Branch

A few NH/VT boaters and I have been in an email conversation with the USFS for a few weeks about a proposed project to place large woody debris (LWD) into the headwaters of the Big Branch. Naturally, we were all pretty concerned -- LWD is the kind of thing that kills boaters. The USFS has... Continue Reading →

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