The Wind Cave and Some Dog Photos

Every place has that thing that tourists always do and locals only do when they've got friends visiting. In New York, it's the Empire State building. In Logan, UT, it's hiking to the Wind Cave. After more than a year living here, we finally buckled down, kidnapped a couple neighborhood dogs, and made the 5... Continue Reading →

Good Water Rim Trail

We've been trying to visit a lot of new places in Utah this fall since we'll only be living here for at most another year, and while it's hard not to go to the same places over and over again when those places are Moab, it's paying off. Last weekend, we went to the San... Continue Reading →

South Fork of the Salmon

The Salmon River drainage in Idaho is home to some of the most classic multi-day rivers in the country, if not the world. The Middle Fork and the Main are permitted sections of river with phenomenal class III-IV whitewater, beautiful canyons, and hot springs. I’ve kayaked and rafted the Middle Fork a number of times,... Continue Reading →

’13-14 Winter in Photos

I'm not really good enough at skiing to warrant blogging about it, but sometimes I ski with people who are, so here goes. December sucked. It was too cold and icy to do anything at all. Seriously, I wished I had crampons to walk to the grocery store from my car in the parking lot. Next... Continue Reading →

The Middlebury Gorge

Outside Middlebury, VT tucked away just beyond the prying eyes of passing leef peepers lies one of the most dramatic bedrock river gorges in the state. Its sculpted corridor houses four back-to-back waterfalls, the final two hidden beneath overhanging walls poised to collapse any millennium now. The whitewater run is roughly two miles long with... Continue Reading →

Bourne Brook

I'm no stranger to the kind of kayak trip that people call a “mission.” Accidentally spending a night on the river in Mexico. Postholing tits deep in northern NH with a kayak strapped to my back. The list goes on; I've had my fair share of brutally long devil's club infested paddling outings. So when I say... Continue Reading →

Carbon Neutral Kayaking

So, you eat local. You're an AW member. You signed that online petition to save the polar bears from drowning - that one everyone shared on Facebook. You even sent a check for twenty bucks to that conservation group after your last pay day. But you flew 7,000 miles to Uganda last year for a... Continue Reading →

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