Todo es Posible, Nada es Seguro

Unlike their homogenous neighbors to the north, the countries of South America have vastly different cultures, languages, and histories from both their indigenous and colonial pasts. To visit a few countries and come back making generalizations about South American culture would be both disrespectful and inaccurate. But I wouldn’t be an American (ha, ha) if... Continue Reading →

Iceland Traverse 2018

“You must be mistaken, they can’t be doing that,” the Vatnajökull National Park ranger said to Carl. Carl had just arrived at the Sigurðarskáli mountain hut on the north end of the park with our packrafts and was waiting for us to finish our five day crossing of Europe’s largest ice mass, the Vatnajökull glacier... Continue Reading →

Easy Single-Page Javascript Map Applications with and LeafletJS

I've built a handful of single page javascript applications with Leaflet recently and wanted to make it easier to quickly spin one up, and to make Leaflet-based applications more accessible to those with no exposure to the (constantly changing) Javascript build manager ecosystem so I created a skeleton app: The README should be pretty self-explanatory,... Continue Reading →

Ledyard Explorers Symposium Speech

The Ledyard Canoe Club (at Dartmouth College) invited me to speak at the second Ledyard Explorers Symposium on April 21, 2018. It was an honor to be invited to talk alongside legends like Wick Walker and to hear about some of the deep history Dartmouth has in the whitewater slalom and downriver racing worlds. I... Continue Reading →

The Stikine

Author's note: this article was written after the 2014 season. Since then, the Tahltan people lost a major court case; Imperial Metals completed construction of the Red Chris mine. It began operating in 2015. That battle has been lost, but there will certainly be more in the Sacred Headwaters. Learn more about the ongoing fights the local First Nations face to... Continue Reading →

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