Romaine Day 6

Catch up on the rest of the trip here.Day 6:12 miles1.7 miles of bogging1 communal pot of poutine in Havre St. PierreWell, we got up on the last day thinking wow, blue sky, nice out, this is great. As soon as we took down our tarp it started pouring rain, so we all raced into... Continue Reading →

La Riviere Romaine, Days 4 and 5

If you haven't read the first few days, check them out here.Day 4:31 milesNot a ton to say about day 4. We woke up to find wolf tracks throughout the camp all our sleeping areas...glad I didn't wake up during the night.The scenery still sucked.We geared up and paddled 31 miles of flatwater in the... Continue Reading →

La Riviere Romaine, Day 3

For days 1 and 2, look here.Day 3:21 milesI woke up in the middle of the night sopping wet -- don't bring a bivy sack on a self support kayaking trip -- and was looking pretty grim by morning, when we all hopped straight into our drysuits and packed up camp quickly. The day started... Continue Reading →

La Riviere Romaine, Day 2

Day 2:26 milesWe packed up camp in cold, cloudy weather and paddled about 12 miles of mostly flat water (with some class II here and there) to a nice bedrock lunch spot next to a Hydro Quebec gauging station and helipad. Shortly thereafter, we came across Entrance Exam, the first huge rapid.Boyce in it.Greg showing... Continue Reading →

La Riviere Romaine

The drive to the float plane base: 16 hoursThe flight: 85 milesThe river: 110 milesThe paddlers: me, Boyce Greer, Greg Hanlon, Scott Murray, Jonathan Baker, and Isaac Levinson.Animal sightings: 5 moose, 1 beaver, a few loons, ducks, wolf tracks, and what was probably a porcupine, but may have been a bear cub.To summarize briefly, God... Continue Reading →

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