Raquette Livin’

Well, summer time is here in New England...which means 13 days of Hartlands in a row interspersed with the bi-weekly Raquette releases. I went up to the Raquette this weekend and it was everything I remembered from last year...What a fun river. Good times were had by all. Colton Falls has changed a little bit,... Continue Reading →

Raquette Race Video

Five2Nine Productions - Events - The Raquette Race 2010 from Five 2 Nine Productions on Vimeo.And a post about it on the LiquidLore blog: http://liquidlore.blogspot.com/2010/09/raquette-race-recap.html. Thanks again to the Five2Nine crew for putting on the race, I hope I'm around for it next year.Just got back from the Romaine River in Northern Quebec...trip report and... Continue Reading →

First Annual Raquette Race

The rest of the Dartmouth crew had headed straight home from the Beaver on Sunday, but I spent another night at Taylorville and then headed up to the Raquette the next morning. Ran into Justin Crannell and the steezy dudes from WV (see Moshier falls picture in previous post) at the putin and decided to... Continue Reading →

Beaver River Rendezvous 2010

Nothing seems to draw a crowd like the Labor Day Beaver releases. From the 40 boats parked above Moshier Falls to the carpet of beer cans at the Taylorville putin on Sunday morning, this weekend seems to bring everyone out of the woodwork.It had an inauspicious start in Boston around noon on Friday, where I... Continue Reading →

Raquette 8-21

Another summer weekend, another trip to the Raquette...This time, Ben had had an unfortunate fight with some pavement at 2am the Thursday night prior and had 15 stitches in his forehead. But, we figured it'd be fine and he came along anyway. We encountered a moose on Midd Gap who seemed pretty unamused, but stood... Continue Reading →

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